Famous Feet
Trying to be present.
Layers of distrust
A lady who chose to be four - or more
Stands calmly but is really shaken
The Duchess of Lorraine had ten children and her own he
Stand divided and pour unity
White ladies, red dots
W 9 Waiting for the phone to call and a big red spot
Waterhouse saw a woman with a crystal ball - I saw W...
Lady from Barock looking down
A letter from Vermeer - the ladies in white smiles
B2 The cherry tree got blue flowers this year
B1 Look at me with your empty face
A7 A bird and a woman in their own bubbles
A6 A smal girl in red
A5 A woman, hands and a black crow
A4 On the beach growing translucent flowers
A3 There are pillows on the floor and she don’t want t
A2 Pina B. and a deer looking at you
A1 The Tulip in her hair, the small people infront-
W8 Windy island, standing behind a corner
W7 To carry a heavy burden, almost lik Sisyfos
W6 The twins gets carried away
W5 A raven in front of an old dress
W4 She is looking in the wall for excitement
W3 Disturbed reading, a woman with blue eyes
W2 Cutting edge
W1 A bird of hope makes them look away
V4 Pink flowers and a naked girl
V3 Like a world of glass
V2 Reading a book and thinking about it
V1 An unexpected place for the mind to drift away
G4 Hands up for the songs of birds
G3 In the shadow with a lost blue shoe
C8 And I am another when you are not here
G2 Disordered girl looking into the future
G1 A lost day gives you no hope
C7 Sorrow is a lonely feeling
C6 A black raven makes her feel happy
C5 On the market there was a moment of inner peace
C4 Red arrows pointing out some ways of connection
C3 As if they care about the girl with the red shoes
C2 The children are looking at some strange people
C1 The stranger on the beach could be just anyone......